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A Key Item is a unique item obtained by exploring Dungeons that allows the player to overcome a specific obstacle and explore farther into the world. The set order of which these items are obtained are random for each game seed.

Image Name Description
LennasInception Potion.jpg
Potion See Potion
Pet Whistle Icon in the inventory
Pet Whistle Can call forth and send away the player's companion pet.
Bow Icon in the inventory
Bow Can damage enemies from a distance and destroy archer targets using arrows as ammo.
Lasso Icon in the inventory
Rope Can grab far away items and enemies and pull them towards the player.
Regular Bomb Icon in the inventory
Bombs Can be placed or thrown to damage enemies and blow up loose rocks.
Image Glider Controllable bombs that can be guided through the air until it hits something.
Image Cross Bombs Similar to normal bombs, these bombs blow up in a precise cross-like pattern.
Image Proximity Bombs Normal bombs that detonate when an enemy approaches it.
Lighter in the inventory
Lighter Pressing the item use button sends out a single fireball that floats in a straight line until it hits something. Holding down the item use button causes the player to quick dash forward while leaving behind a trail of fire.
Image Spring Allows the player to jump over bottomless pits and projectiles.
Hammer in the inventory
Hammer Destroys loose rocks similar to bombs without the risk of damaging the player.
Binoculars in the inventory
Binoculars Briefly allows the player to view the next screen over in the direction they're looking.
Woodcutters Axe in the inventory
Lumber Axe Obtained from the Lumberjack
MissingGlasses Icon in the inventory
Missinglasses Allows the player to traverse glitched terrain as well as wrap around the screen.