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A Yellow Potion.
A yellow potion.

Potions are an item that can be randomly found as dungeon loot, a zone clearing reward or bought from a store. These potions can be thrown on the player or an enemy for a specific buff or debuff. In traditional rogue-like fashion, these effects are randomized for every new game seed. The name of the potion disguises the true effect of the potion until it's first used (e.g. "Viscous Green Potion" or "Runny Orange Potion").

See also Tunics.

Potion Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Beer Potion - Temporarily reverses controls and adds a wispy trail effect to the game.
  • Blood Potion - Heals one heart.
  • Blast Protection Potion - Protects the target from damage caused by explosions.
  • Defense Potion - Increases the target's defense for a limited time.
  • Explosion Potion - Causes explosions to randomly burst from the target, damaging it each time.
  • Fire Potion - Lights the target on fire.
  • Fire Protection Potion - Protects the target from damage caused by fire.
  • Frugal Potion - Gives you a chance of finding extra money.
  • Growth Potion - Increases the target's body size.
  • Health Potion - Heals the target
  • Hover Potion - Causes the target to float for a short amount of time, avoiding most projectiles and floor hazards.
  • Poison Potion - Slowly damages the target.
  • Slow Potion - Decreases the target's movement speed.
  • Speed Potion - Increases the target's movement speed.
  • Strength Potion - Increases the target's attack damage.
  • Water Potion - Just water, used as an option quest item.
  • Undead Potion - Reverses the effect of poison and healing potions so that poison potions heal and healing potions deal damage.
  • Urine Potion - Use Unkown.