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Spoiler Policy[edit source]

What do we want the spoiler policy on the wiki to be? There are currently no modules for collapsing spoiler sections or blacking out spoiler text, but the Discord has a pretty strict spoiler policy. I just added a spoiler warning template for putting on top of any spoiler-y pages:

Spoiler warning
Spoiler warning!
This article contains story spoilers for Lenna's Inception. Read at your own risk!

But I think I'd like to edit that template to have a little more charm, and maybe include this image of Paige from the Bridge scene.


Personally, I feel like the only spoiler worries are the main reveals about Lenna, Delvin, and the nature of the Archangels. Basically anything that shows up in the later cutscenes. Everything that happens before the Bridge is fair game (since that's basically the setup), and glitchiness is also not a spoiler since there's glitch-text right in the game's official synopsis. Also, I feel like game mechanics, including things like the Secret Grottoes and the Hidden Rooms, are also fair game. They're kind of to be expected in this genre, and knowing what exists in the game doesn't spoil the experience of actually playing with them.

Therationalpi (talk) 18:06, 10 September 2020 (UTC)